Collection: Stef Rymenants

Surrealist Art with a Touch of Seriousness

Artist Stef Rymenants, a native of Brussels, Belgium, has abandoned conventional art direction to pursue the art of drawing for a living. Inspired by the work of illustrators, he always carries a sketchbook with him to capture the moment and give free rein to his creativity.

Stef's work often strives to be serious, but it often takes a surreal turn. His work is characterized by a unique twist where birds drink coffee, and realism is mixed with fantastical elements. Stef Rymenant's artistic exploration provides viewers with an experience that is not only visually appealing but also carries a subtle touch of humor and imagination.


Degree in graphic design
Art director in advertising


Open Studio, Schaerbeek
The Box, Genk
GC Everna, Evere
Brussels Parliament - Council VGC, Brussels
The Stay, Lennik
Art Valley, Herne
Aula Delahaut - Evere Town Hall, Brussels
Library, Arendonk
Our Lady of Troost Monastery, Vilvoorde
l'Atelier Ephémere, Paris
Gallery/atelier, Galerie Ravenstein, Brussels
AD Art Show, The Oculus Westfield World Trade Center, New York City/USA
Orpiment, Val Benoit, Liège
Artbox Project, Zurich/Switzerland
Villa Expo, Zemst
Galerie Ravenstein, Brussels
Coloma Castle, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw