Collection: Lars Tunebo

He is a self-taught artist working with techniques and materials including bronze, glass, painting and photography/mixed media. His works are shown in Los Angeles, Monaco, London, Moscow, Dubai, Copenhagen, Brussels, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Marbella and are displayed in both public and private collections. He is best known for his photographic productions of animals in unusual situations, including elephants in New York City and balancing on their heads in London.

The images are processed with various effects and filters in several layers and then hand-colored with clear transparent colors and individual effects. Tunebo's sense of humor and imagination allows him to create images that constantly surprise and amaze, bringing laughter and joy.


Art Now Gallery, Gothenburg
Stockholm Art Fair, Sollentuna
Gallery Agaard, Båstad
Art Now Shop, Gothenburg
Gallery Ferm, Gothenburg
Villa Mareld, Marstrand
Los Narajos, Marbella, Spain
Hammarins Art Shop, Gothenburg
Fifth Floor Gallery, Gothenburg
Gallery Agaard, Stockholm
Plantage Gallery, Gothenburg
Stockholm Art Fair, Sollentuna
A-Gallery, Gothenburg
Gallery Rönnquist & Rönnquist, Malmö
Art On, Gothenburg
Art Now, Gothenburg
Schomburg gallery, Los Angeles
E lite Plaza, Stockholm
One Man Show, Helsinki, Finland
One Man Show, Monaco
Gallery GKA, Gothenburg
Elite Plaza, Stockholm
Art Nordic, Gothenburg
Exhibition hall, Stockholm
Gallery Ferm, Gothenburg
Carlton Dubai
Art Helsinki, Finland
Gallery Elton Basur, Gothenburg
Eight Art Gallery, Malmö
Gothia Towers, Gothenburg
Gallery Nord, Örebro
AAF Stockholm 2014
Art Copenhagen 2014
Mollbrink's art shop Uppsala
Mollbrink's art store Kungshamn
Gallery GKM Gothenburg
Timeless Art Gallery Marbella Spain
Affordable Art fair, London, 2014
Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping