Collection: Sem Larsen

The Photographer Who Captures the Soul of the Savannah

Sem Larsen, a dedicated nature photographer, has made savannah animals his models and captured their beauty through a unique technique called photopolymer. Through this printing technique, he creates artwork that not only portrays the wildlife of the savanna but also gives the impression of being rooted in another age, giving his work a timeless quality.

Being a full-time photographer is a rare privilege, but for Sem Larsen it is important to never lose hold of his artistic vision. This is made clear in his image suites from the savannah trip in Africa in 2014 and in his endeavor to refine the natural images through the art graphic process photopolymer.

Sem Larsen is not only a skilled photographer but also a passionate lover of nature. He lives a bit away from the town and lives according to the principles he preaches. Hunting, fishing and above all the care of nature are central elements in his lifestyle, and these values ​​permeate his artistic expression and give a sense of quality of life in each work.


University of Photography, Gothenburg

After completing photography training, in 1989 he became a member of the image agency Korthuset, later in Pixgallery Bildbyrå. He freelanced for several years, during which architecture and travel photos and product photos were part of everyday life


Rydal's museum
Hasselblad Center, Gothenburg
Vänersborg Art Gallery, Vänersborg
Krapperups Art Gallery, Nyhamnsläge


The Hasselblad scholarship
Tore G. Wärenstam foundation's scholarship