Collection: Lasse Sandberg

Versatile illustrator and pioneer in the collage technique

Lasse Sandberg, born in 1924 in Stockholm and died in 2008 in Karlstad, was a significant Swedish illustrator, cartoonist and children's book author. His artistry spanned different mediums and styles, and he became known for his unique and personal expressiveness.

Sandberg made his debut as a joke cartoonist in Söndagsnisse-Strix and continued to work in various daily newspapers. His signature "Mr. Sandberg" adorned many of his drawings in various magazines. Inspired by American cartoonists such as Saul Steinberg at the beginning of his career, in the mid-1950s he developed a more personal and concise style with short monologues as supplementary descriptive text.

Lasse Sandberg was a pioneer in the collage technique and is considered to be the one who introduced this technique to picture books. He used different materials such as marker, ink, crayons, pastel, acrylic and collage in his illustrations. In addition to picture books, he also used the collage technique in series of posters for Dagens Nyheter and Stockholm's subway. In these, he created colorful and lively collages by combining torn pieces of paper and woodcuts from the mid-1800s. Lasse Sandberg's contribution to the art world and especially the collage technique lives on as an important part of his artistic legacy.


The illustration line in Anders Beckman's school


National Museum
Academy of Arts
Artists' House, Oslo


Värmland's museum, Karlstad
Swedish-French art gallery, Stockholm
Gallery Brinken
Värmland Art Association


He was awarded the newly instituted Academy Award for cartoonists in 1954
cultural scholarship from the nation of Värmland in Uppsala in 1961
Writer's Fund work grant in 1962 and 1964
Together with his wife, he was awarded a scholarship from the Book Lottery


Värmland's museum
National Museum
Post Museum
The modern Museum
Enköping city library
Värmland County Council
Karlstad municipality
University of Virginia.