Collection: Mats Wieslander

The Random Beauty of Creation

Join the artist Mats Wieslander on a journey through the world of art, where structural effects and patterns are evoked through a governing randomness inspired by nature itself.

Mats prefers tin as his main material and leaves it outdoors to rust naturally after cutting. This rusty surface is then treated with acrylic paint, and the structure is playfully varied through different techniques. Highly pigmented ink is generously applied over the artwork, where the rough surface of the rust creates an interesting dynamic. As the paint dries slowly in the deep areas, an effect similar to raku-fired ceramics is created when the artwork is washed off with water.

Mats fully explores the outdoor environment, utilizing the sun's rays, shadows, drizzle and directed water to create different effects. During winter, the creation takes place in a rock room, and small changes in temperature and humidity give each work of art a unique character. Mats mainly uses highly pigmented ink with a water-based base, without other additives.

Each artwork is carefully constructed in layers upon layers, with handmade iron frames that frame and complement the artistic whole. Mats Wieslander's artistry is a tribute to the random and changing beauty of nature, where each work carries a unique story about the fascinating process of creation.


Fixorama, Gothenburg
Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping
Lord & Lydia, Gothenburg
Skönhetsfabriken, Gothenburg
Gallery Nord, Örebro
Nyström Persia, Stockholm
Gothia Towers The Gallery, Gothenburg
Uniart Gallery, Gothenburg
Yodoi, Gothenburg
Gallery Woo, Gothenburg
Living Art, Gothenburg
Kabusa Art Gallery, Ystad
House of Avinyo, Barcelona

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