Collection: Mats Wieslander

"I want to bring out structural effects and patterns through controlled randomness with inspiration from nature".

Sheet metal, which is my favorite material, is allowed to lie outside and rust after cutting. These are then treated with acrylic and the structure can be freely varied using different techniques. Highly pigmented ink is then very fluidly laid over the artwork. As the rust provides a rough surface, the paint dries more slowly in the deep parts over the entire artwork. If the artwork is then rinsed off with water, the tops will have dried and thus the artwork will have an almost raku-fired ceramic effect. Layer upon layer, the artwork is then built up until the right feeling emerges.

When the weather permits, I always paint outdoors and use sun, shade as well as drizzle and directed water for different effects. In winter, I create the artworks in a rock room. All these small changes in temperature and humidity create unique differences in each work. In most of the cases, I use highly pigmented ink with a water-based base, no other additives. The works of art are usually framed with handmade iron frames.


Fixorama, Gothenburg
Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping
Lord & Lydia, Gothenburg
Skönhetsfabriken, Gothenburg
Gallery Nord, Örebro
Nyström Persia, Stockholm
Gothia Towers The Gallery, Gothenburg
Uniart Gallery, Gothenburg
Yodoi, Gothenburg
Gallery Woo, Gothenburg
Living Art, Gothenburg
Kabusa Art Gallery, Ystad
House of Avinyo, Barcelona

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