Collection: Lasse Skarbövik

Cross-border Norwegian-Swedish Artist and Illustrator

Lasse Skarbövik, born and raised in Norway but living and working in Stockholm, is an artist and illustrator with a creative style that borders on abstraction. His works are often characterized by the presence of the human figure or parts of it.

In addition to his work as an illustrator, Lasse Skarbövik has produced several exhibitions and painted murals both outdoors and indoors. He has also designed patterns for various textile collections.

Lasse Skarbövik's impressive client list includes names such as The New Yorker, BusinessWeek, IKEA, Time magazine, The New York Times, The Economist, Financial Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Harvard Business Magazine, Almedahls, The Independent, and more. His influence extends far beyond the geographical border between Norway and Sweden, and his artistry continues to be a significant force in the creative world.


Bergh's School of Communication


Gallery La Fiambrera, Madrid
Ronneby Art Gallery
In recent years, he has exhibited in Japan, England, Spain


Has received several awards both nationally (Great Swedish Illustrator Award) and internationally. Is represented in American Illustration, 3×3 Annual, Print Magazine, Communication Arts, Association of Illustrators Annual, Images UK. Applied Arts Illustration show, HOW Magazine International Design Awards, World illustration awards and various design and illustration magazines both in Sweden and internationally.

Examples of clients I have worked with are: The New Yorker, BusinessWeek, Time Magazine, New York Times, The Economist, Financial Times, IKEA, Harvard Business Magazine, Almedahls, The Independent, CA Magazine, Yale Magazine, Le Monde, as well as a numerous galleries, architect and design agencies.