Collection: PG Thelander

Swedish artist. He is both a painter, sculptor and graphic artist and likes to switch between the different techniques. He is particularly skilled as a copper graphic artist and has received international attention. PG Thelander has such a distinctive visual language that no viewer can remain indifferent. With a twinkle in his eye, he borrows motifs from classical art and mixes them fresh with his own musings. Each picture awakens a new idea because art is born from art. He playfully places irrelevant objects in a seemingly ordinary motif.

The pictures are surprising, because who doesn't wonder why there are nuts, screws, eyelets, patches, strips of wallpaper here and there on penguins, turtles, ostriches and frogs. And then the occasional blue cube or orange carrot or speckled toadstool. Or it was cucumbers, potatoes, apples and yellow bananas and pork sausages. Not to hide the fly. His pictorial imagination is inexhaustible! Since the 1970s, a small helpless figure appears here and there in the pictures, It is a paraphrase of Jean Dubuffet's portrait of Henri Calet. When PG saw him, he intensely felt a great community and couldn't help but "adopt" the little old man as his alter ego. Humor and playfulness are hallmarks of his art.


Art department 1953-1959
Royal Academy of Arts 1959-1964


Lars Bohman Gallery Stockholm
Gallery Astley, Uttersberg
Uppsala Art Museum
Borstahusen Art Gallery
Wide Museum
Lidköping Art Gallery
County Museum, Örebro
Graphics House, Mariefred
Karlskrona Art Gallery
Krapperups Art Gallery
Kabusa Art Gallery
Sölvesborg Art Gallery
Mora Culture House
Galerie Bruno Delarue, Paris
Eskilstuna Museum
Gallery Aronowitsch, Stockholm
Enköping Art Gallery
Sörmland Art Museum
Gallery Astley, Uttersberg
Stadsgalleriet, Halmstad
Waldemarsudde, Stockholm
Art Museum, Trelleborg
Gustavianum, Uppsala
Myntkabinettet, Stockholm
The mill, Söderhamn
Konstnärshuset, Stockholm
Gallery Uddenberg, Gothenburg


He is represented in addition to all major museums in Sweden and several in the Nordics in London, Paris, Dresden, Mexico City, New York and San Francisco.