Collection: Sara Granér

The Brutal Naivistic Satirist

Sara Granér, a prominent Swedish cartoonist and satirist, devotes herself to social satire with a unique style that revolves around grotesquely drawn animal figures. Her figures, often depicted in a brutal naïve spirit, are distinguished by being twisted and full of satirical nuances.

In Granér's art world, she elevates the naive to the smartest by intercepting clichés and stereotypes, and then screwing them up hard. The result is a collapse of humor when different genres are ingeniously mixed. Through her drawings, she also explores the psyche of the political right, and sheds light on its complexity with a satirical twist.

Granér's work becomes a commentary on contemporary times, where her brutal naïve style and satirical narrative style create a unique and unforgettable artistic experience.


Kulturhuset, Stockholm (under the auspices of Serieteket)
Series Gallery, Stockholm
Arvika Art Gallery
Dunkers Cultural Center


EWK Award 2010
Adamson statuette 2013