Collection: Johan Petterson

A recurrence feature in Johan Petterson's visual world is the frog, waiting ready to leap. It does not seem to be the frog itself that interests the artist but the future hope. The frog becomes a metaphor for hope, stylized and frozen in a waiting motionless pose. It is reminiscent of a "rubber" that cannot really be incorporated into the depth of action found in the underlying fairytale landscape.

The colors are screwed and highly motivated. The contrast between the stylized frog shape and the softly applied background is supported by the unconventional color treatment. The artist plays with the oil paint as wildly and unprejudiced as if he were sitting in front of the computer and curiously exploring all the endless possibilities available in Photoshop or Painter. The background seems to have been given a shot by the "Gaussian blur" filter.

The artist's painterly collage technique, where he plays with different layers is repeated throughout the exhibition. In several paintings, however, he chooses to break with the "computer aesthetic" through clear elements of hand-drawn and painted objects and figures. He thereby creates interesting level differences in the images of both a technical and mental nature. Hope returns in the titles of the paintings. ("Hope & love" is the title of the picture above.) It feels as if the artist wants to encourage us to jump between different levels, in thoughts and in experiences.