Collection: Jeanette Innala

Jeanette Innala's artistic work explores to a great extent the contrast between light and color. By integrating the unpredictable and intuitive into the creative process, she creates unique works of art. Innala experiments with different color combinations, patterns and materials, using traditional painting with ink, epoxy resin and digital elements.

She builds up layers of contrasts between light and color, thereby creating a distinct palette and a personal signature that permeates each work. Raised in a creative home environment, where artistic expression was part of everyday life, Innala flourished as an artist early on. Her early creative influences, along with an exploratory curiosity for different materials and media, drive her artistic development.

Jeanette Innala has established an international career and her work can be found in both public settings and private collections. In 2021, a collection of 30 works was acquired by the Deji Art Museum in Nanjing, China, for a solo exhibition scheduled to take place in 2023.


Self-taught artist

MoMa The Museum of Modern Art
Lisa Mazzola Assistant Director
Teacher Programs Distance learning
Modern Art & Ideas
Silversmide Folkuniversitetet
Art line Folkuniversitetet
Shorter courses in sketching, abstract painting, portraiture, color theory through Medborgarskolan, Folkuniversitetet


White Wall Gallery, London, UK
STUDIO Malmö, Sweden
Krapperup Castle Gallery, Nyhamnsläge, Sweden
Sofiero Castle & Garden, Helsingborg, Sweden
Warfshallarna, Helsingør Denmark
Helsingborg Art Association, Helsingborg, Sweden
Maria Thorlund Gallery Lund, Sweden
Ängelholm 500 years Ängelholm, Sweden
"Art in the city", Malmö, Sweden


The Visionary Projects, AR exhibition
Gallery Lohme & The Visionary Projects Malmö, Sweden.
Kullasalongen, Krapperups Konsthall, Nyhamnsläge
Our salon Gallery Backlund, Gothenburg
Autumn salon Galleri Hultman Åstorp, Skåne