Collection: Helena Gullström

She makes abstract figurative paintings as well as sculptures, using materials such as oil, acrylic, concrete and metal. After settling in Los Angeles, she studied with well-known Los Angeles artist and revered art professor Franklyn Liegel at Otis College of Art and Design, and he became a dear friend and guiding mentor. She has exhibited in the USA, Sweden and Italy and has collectors all over the world.

Gullström draws the alienated spectrum of human emotions from the outside world into sometimes almost genderless, fluid depictions of emotions masquerading as human form on a thematic canvas that one can only perceive as one's own unconscious psyche. She seems to dip brush and fingers into the very archetypal, unconscious energies and needs we all share for organic wholeness.


Otis College of Art and Design


Old Power Station, Deje, Sweden
The Other Art Fair, Magic Box, Los Angeles
Palazzo della Provincia di Frosinone, Frosinone, Italy
Area Contesa Arte Gallery, Rome, Italy
Saatchi, Santa Monica CA
Jeanie Madsen Santa Monica
cWOW Gallery, Newark, NJ
73 See Gallery, Montclair, NJ
Rottneros Park, Sunne, Sweden
The Continental Gallery, Los Angeles CA
Milo Gallery, Los Angeles
DUE Hangar 1018, Los Angeles CA