Collection: Lars G. Johnson

The Explorer of Human Relations in Nature

Lars G Johnson begins his photographic adventure as a teenager with a Voigtländer camera and color slide film. After seeing the results of a trip to Hastings, England, his interest in photography is sparked. He learns the basics of black and white photography, film development and copying from Uno Asplund, who is also Sandgrund's architect. In the late 60s, he upgrades to an SLR camera, a Canon, and supplements with another camera body and various lenses that still make up his equipment.

Lars G Johnson is fascinated by leaving the motifs open to the viewer and emphasizes that he uses nature's forms to express something human. For him, it is not the landscapes that are central. Lars believes that we have a tendency to look for faces and human forms in nature. Sometimes he discovers this already in the camera, while other times it is only revealed in the darkroom. Through his photographs, the viewer can see encounters, relationships and cracks in nature, which creates a unique and meaningful interpretation of human experiences and emotions.


Psychology degree at Uppsala University in 1973
Worked as a psychologist from 1973 to 2008, preferably within the County Council in Värmland.


Gallery Mats Bergman Karlstad
Photo magazine
Photography Center Stockholm
Karlstad's photo club
Laholm's main library
Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinic, Karlstad
Gallery Almar, Karlstad
Östermalm Library, Stockholm
Karlstad Airport
Gallery Art in Karlstad
Sand ground Lars Lerin