Collection: Anna Israelsson

Anna Israelsson (born 1982) grew up in Umeå but now lives outside Gothenburg. Anna paints watercolors and is drawn to the mossy forests and dark glades. She is attracted by the balance between light and shadow and finding the right mood. "There must be pace and a rawness, it must not be too neat." she says about the painting. Anna likes to combine pictures into stories and is attracted by standing still and digging instead of rushing on. During December 2021, she walked the same loop every day and painted a watercolor a day with motifs from the walk.

It resulted in the work "December days" consisting of thirty-one watercolors. Anna has also made a series of paintings named "Houses and horizons", where she painted 24 watercolors with just that. "Painting is the best thing I know, and totally necessary. I cannot do without it." she says of her creation. Anna has always painted, but it is only in recent years that she has started showing her creations. She had her first exhibition in 2021 and there were three exhibitions before the end of the year.


Öland's art school


Galleri3, Vänersborg
Gallery Utsikten, Åstol
Summer salon Mimers art gallery, Kungälv