Collection: Anna Israelsson

Anna Israelsson, born in 1982 and raised in Umeå, now lives outside Gothenburg. She explores watercolor painting and is drawn to the mossy woods and murky glades. Anna finds inspiration in the balance between light and shadow, striving to capture the right mood in her works. She emphasizes the importance of pace and rawness in her painting, avoiding excessive order and neat structure.

Preferring to stitch together images into stories, Anna is drawn to lingering and exploring rather than rushing on. During December 2021, she took a daily walk and created a watercolor a day with motifs from the walk, resulting in the artwork "December Days" consisting of thirty-one watercolors. Another series of paintings she has created, called "Houses and Horizons", consists of 24 watercolors.

Painting is for Anna the best and most necessary means of expression. Although she has always painted, it was only in recent years that she began to share her work publicly. The year 2021 marked her debut with three exhibitions, confirming her passion and commitment to the world of art.


Öland's art school


Galleri3, Vänersborg
Gallery Utsikten, Åstol
Summer salon Mimers art gallery, Kungälv