Collection: Bodil Hedlund

Bodil Hedlund's artistry can be described as low-key, subtle and enigmatic, marked by a spiritual mystery. The fragile and dissolved vessels are characteristic of her work, but over time they have gradually given way to a kind of landscape. In these, cities, water and bridges appear as metaphors for human conditions and emotions.


Konstfack's evening school in painting and figure drawing
Visual and material culture at Stockholm University
Uppsala University with a Ph.D. in social science subjects


Gallery Uddenberg, Gothenburg
Gallery 316 Cubic. Hudiksvall
Gallery Cupido, Stockholm
Vetlanda Art Association
Gallery Nord, Örebro
Gallery Mats Bergman Stockholm
Gallery Mats Bergman, Karlstad
Gallery Genesis, Athens/Athens
Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping
Edsvik Art Gallery, Stockholm/Sollentuna
Gallery Jeanette Ölund, Borås
Gallery Roy Uddenberg, Gothenburg
Lilla Galleriet, Umeå
Gallery Palm Ängavallen, Skåne
Art Anglais Gallery Jeanette Ölund, Stockholm
Galleri Olsson-Uddenberg, Gothenburg
Gallery Linné, Uppsala
Gallery S, Östersund
Gallery Jeanette Ölund, Borås
Ludvika Art Gallery
Stockholm Art Fair, Gallery Jeanette Ölund
Gallery Jeanette Ölund, Borås
Stenlund Gallery, Stockholm
Gallery Palm, Falsterbo
Höganäs Museum
Stenlund Gallery, Stockholm
Art Copenhagen, Gallery Bacchus
Gallery Nordens Ljus, Stockholm
Stockholm Art Fair, Gallery Bacchus
Bergström Gallery, Jönköping
Gallery Versalen, Sundsvall
Gallery Latona, Saltsö Duvnäs
Lilla Galleriet, Helsingborg
Väsby art gallery, Upplands Väsby
Gallery Smedhamre, Uppsala
Stockholm Art Fair, Gallery Baggen
Lilla Galleriet, Helsingborg
Galleri Victoria, Art Promotion, Halmstad
Bergström Gallery, Jönköping
Gallery Doktor Glas, Stockholm
Gallery 33, Gothenburg
Art Gallery, Enköping
Gallery Malen, Landskrona
Art promotion, Örebro
Gallery Sigma, Växsjö
Gallery Na Solnym, Wroclaw Poland
Gallery Smedhamre, Uppsala
Gallery Åklundh, Lund
Gallery 4, Skellefteå
Strandgalleriet, Stockholm
Stockholm Art Fair, Strandgalleriet
Gallery Åklundh, Lund
Linné Art Gallery, Stockholm
Gallery Olga S, Stockholm
Gallery Norrland, Östersund


Gothenburg Art Museum
The State Council for the Arts
A number of County Councils
A number of Culture Committees
The royal couple's private collection
South African Government
Private collections in Europe, USA and South Africa