Borgvik's Gård

In a short time, one of Värmland's largest barns - 100 m - has been transformed
to restaurant/café through Matbruket , farm shop under own management and art gallery through Galleri Mats Bergman. The barn
was built in 1855 and underwent extensive renovation in 1937. In the past it was milk production, eventually meat production, which was closed down in 2021. Now Borgvik's farm, a central part of Borgvik since the mill was built, is to step into the limelight. The initiator is Hans Karlander.

What are your feelings about being able to exhibit in the art gallery?

- I think this will be extremely fun. To be able to have exhibitions, in such a fantastically large and ideal venue, is extremely rare and I think it is the dream of many gallerists in Sweden. Furthermore, it is one thing to actually be able to exhibit, then another thing to actually fill the hall with something that measures up. There, Karl Mårtens, Eva Larsson and Malin Mossberg come in well as the starting point for this. Says Mats Bergman.

Which more artists will we see during the summer?

- As I said, we start on June 3 with an opening with Karl Mårtens and Eva Larsson, July 7 is another opening and then it's Mats Åkerman and Kristin Andreassen, and then end the summer with an opening on August 4 with Karolina Nolin and Lisa Abelsson . Throughout the summer, Malin Mossberg will exhibit in other spaces.

This will be an exciting summer and I can immediately say that Borgviks Gård will be one of the best places to visit. Mats Bergman concludes.

If you want to see the entire timetable for exhibitions, just click here

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