Albin Liljestrand

There is a great variety of expression and a great amount of impression in Albin Liljestrand's art. His images are often dramatic and surreal.

For the most part, he uses ink in his image creation, but he does not allow himself to be limited by a certain technique. He himself says that there are 1000 ways into a painting, that his art is based on ideas instead of a certain aesthetic. They depict his life as he experiences it. It is visual art that has reached the public, but Albin's artistry also includes writing and music making. Albin Liljestrand's artistry is breathtaking to follow. Despite his young age, he exhibits both avant-garde and mature artistry.


Sundsta-Älvkullegymnasiet in Karlstad - aesthetic programs
Örebro Art School.


Gallery Mats Bergman Karlstad
Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm
Art in Karlstad
Art in Karlstad
The autumn salon in Torsby


Torsby municipality's youth scholarship 2012
Christine Rebane Memorial Fund 2012