Collection: Mary Levin

A Returning Artist Finding Freedom in Creation

Marie Levin's artistic journey is as inspiring as it is authentic. Initially, she was accepted to a prestigious art school in Gothenburg as a young person but chose to give up, sensitive to the conventions and trends that prevailed at the time. Now, after decades of creative hiatus, she has returned to art with a newfound maturity and strength.

"I'm going to have fun in the studio and I'm going to give myself complete freedom," she proclaims firmly. Her first encounter with art as a teenager was characterized by a longing for freedom and a universal language beyond borders. However, Gothenburg's art scene at the time was demanding and influenced by specific trends and contacts, which led to a sense of alienation for her.

After trying to adapt to a style that was not her own and feeling unsure of the direction, Marie chose to change paths and devote herself to dance. In the end, she dropped out of art school and has since worked as an educator in creative activities.

It was about 30 years before her own artistic moments returned. Ten years ago, she rediscovered painting and the previous thoughts about identity and art returned. "Who am I, what is art?" she reflected. The answers were not clear, but the realization that "Do what you want then" became clear.

Now, in the studio, Marie Levin creates freely and according to her own impulses. She shares her knowledge through her own courses and as a guest teacher, creating a place where both her own creation and artistic teaching can flourish. A returning artist who has found freedom and joy in creation.