Basic information


You must create an account to participate in auctions. You do this in the following way:
Option 1:
  • Bid on an auction, if you do not have an account, the following scenario will appear:

  • Click on "create account" , you will then proceed to account creation (Click here to register an account: ). Fill in your information and press "create" . Your account is then registered and you can participate in the auctions.

Option 2:

  • Click the profile icon at the top right of the page

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  • Press create account , the page will look like this:

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  • Fill in the information , the page will look like this:

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Congratulations! You have now created an account and can bid on auctions.

E mail

You will receive an email to your registered email address in the following scenarios:

  • A confirmation when you have placed a bid
  • When your bid has been outbid
  • When the acceptance price for the object has not been reached
  • A confirmation when you have placed a bid
  • Once you have won an auction
  • Reminder to pay for auction won


For questions, please contact .

The auction is ongoing

During and after the auction, you will be informed by e-mail if someone places a higher bid than you, or if you have won the auction. If you react immediately to someone outbidding you, this is due to the "auto-bid/max-bid" feature. Someone may have submitted an auto-bid/max-bid which means your bid has been outbid. NOTE: A bid is binding and cannot be changed. When you're in a product's bidding area, you'll find a list of bidders and followers. Anyone who is the lead bidder is currently the leader of the bidding round and will receive the work for that price, unless a higher bid is received. When you are logged in, your bid will be marked with a separate color in the list of bid leaders and followers.

Basic rules for Galleri Mats Bergman's auctions

  • All auctions have a starting price.
  • All bids placed after the start of the auction must be higher than the starting price.
  • All auctions have an opening date and an end date. Bidding is only permitted during this time.
  • In all auctions, the bids are ranked according to the size of the bid amount. With equal bid amounts, the oldest bid ranks highest.
  • All auctions have a certain number of available products/works/items. You can place a bid on the products you want.
  • The size of the submitted bid must always be at least greater than the bid increase. ATTENTION! When you already have a bid inside as a Bid Leader, placing a new bid will result in you bidding on yourself or bidding on multiple products if there is more than one product in the auction.
  • The bid that is on the bid leader list at the end of the auction is chosen as the winner of the auction.

Auto bid/max bid

You can also set an auto bid/max bid. The Autobid feature registers the highest amount you want to bid for the product. This way, your bid is automatically raised by the minimum amount allowed every time someone outbids your current bid.

During the auction, you will be notified by email when someone outbids you. An auto bid is placed at the same time as a regular bid and applies to the same number of products, all of which I bid on or a specific one. Autobud acts as agents bidding for you. Agents follow the same bidding rules as "regular" bids. One of the advantages of autobid is that the bids submitted by the autobid agents are time-stamped with the date the autobid was received. And as with all auctions, in the event of a tie, the oldest bid wins with a tie.

Reservation price

The vast majority of objects have an "acceptance price". This means that the product starts at a lower starting price than is required for it to be sold. If the acceptance price is not reached, the seller reserves the right not to sell the product. If the seller accepts the offer, the bidder is obliged to buy the product.

Bid winner/closed auction

When you are logged in, you will find the products you have won at auction in the shopping cart. The punch fee is 20%. Items that have won the auction will remain in the shopping cart for 14 days, it is the buyer's responsibility to close the shopping cart within this time limit.

If the shopping cart is not ready within the deadline, the goods will be removed and a fee of SEK 300 will be issued per auction item. Galleri Mats Bergman reserves the right to cancel the auction in the event of downtime or incorrect prices/bids, caused by circumstances beyond our control. This includes, but is not limited to, technical problems, power outages and sabotage.

In addition, Galleri Mats Bergman reserves the right to cancel auctions without prior notice and without further explanation. Additionally, any auction won but not delivered is considered an acceptance of the customer's bid for the given product/item. Galleri Mats Bergman has the right to subsequently reject this bid or cancel the purchase if it turns out that incorrect information has been provided, including but not limited to incorrect information from our subcontractors, errors in pricing or information that prevents us from delivering the product.

Galleri Mats Bergman always acts in good faith.