Collection: Zacharias Luhanko

Painting Art's Emotionally Charged Experiments

Sackarias Luhanko, an artist who explores the boundaries of painting through a diversity of techniques and emotions, creates works that carry a unique power. In his artistry, oil, acrylic, charcoal, spray and collage are used as palette tools to give life to complex feelings and thoughts.

In an artistic process that is likened to the preparation of a recipe, distaste and decadence are mixed in precise proportions. Fear of fading into society is whipped maniacally with a spoonful of simple and stripped-down movements. Self-exploration and reflection on the depths of life are added as a spicy ingredient, while a pinch of desperation gives the artworks a distinctive flavor.

Sackarias Luhanko's work is placed on a plate filled with opinions and expectations. Under a cover of social norms and preconceived notions, the chaos is allowed to boil over and create a unique composition of desperate emotions. The works translate the artist's experiences of truths, the influence of the media and the complexity of the world.

These paintings invite the viewer to participate in the process through their thoughts and impressions. By adding a dash of hope and a sense of the possibility of change, Sackarias Luhanko creates an artistic experience that goes beyond the surface and reaches into the viewer's soul. The beautiful is given room to grow here, and each work carries the potential to change and improve, a tasteful reminder of art's ability to influence and inspire.




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Artist of the year in the old town Gamla Stans art association
Scholarship recipient of the year, Eskilstuna art association


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