Collection: Lars Rylander

The Master of Structures and Sensual Flows

Lars Rylander is a prominent graphic artist and painter whose artistic journey is characterized by a strong and exciting development. Through both copper graphics and acrylic paintings, he creates profound works by working with layer upon layer, which gives rise to complex structures and sensual flows.

At the core of his art is the archetypal face, sometimes barely discernible, as well as the ever-changing landscape. Each image forms part of a sequence and tells with great gusto about heat, fire and energy. Lars Rylander often explores architectural constructions that give structure to the works while infusing them with playfulness.

Through his artistry, Lars Rylander not only creates visual experiences, but also invites the viewer on a journey through different layers of emotions and meanings.


Gallery Mats Bergman, Karlstad
Gallery Kim Anstensen, Gothenburg
Gallery Allmenningen, Bergen
Gallery Örsta, Kumla
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Art gallery Stenungsund
Laurin's Lada Burgsvik
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Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen
Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Sapparo
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The Graphic Society, Stockholm
Ethnographic Museum, Riga
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