Collection: Ingeborg Paulsrud

Ingeborg Paulsrud explores several artistic media, mainly painting, performance and graphics. By combining these techniques, she tackles subjects related to everyday life, loneliness and human interaction. In painting, she often prefers to work in series to thoroughly explore different subjects from different perspectives over longer periods of time. As a performance artist, she challenges her own preconceived notions by approaching subjects from conflicting perspectives.

One of her overall projects since 2018 is Stay Safe, Avoid Human Contact. The project includes exhibitions, lectures, texts, events and individual works of art. Within the framework of this project, she examines social interactions, human relationships, loneliness and the individual's relationship to himself. The project includes paintings of forest and dishes meeting empty rooms, sofas with demands for self-improvement and performance character Pam's forced positive lifestyle blog.

After completing her master's degree in 2019, she was artist in residency for Burning Athens in Greece. She was awarded the Arts Council's and Iaspi's travel grant the same year to further develop the project Stay Safe, Avoid Human Contact. Paulsrud has also received the Norwegian Culture Council's miscellaneous scholarship for young artists and was a finalist for the Kiruna Scholarship 2020 with his series of paintings depicting construction workers at night.


Master's degree in Free Art, Umeå Academy of Arts
Bachelor's degree in Free Art, Akademin Valand, Gothenburg
Bachelor's degree in Free Art, Art College in Bergen
Einar Granum Art School, Oslo
Design, Folkuniversitetes Gymnasium, Karlstad
Drawing within the narrative field, 15 p, Umeå Academy of Arts
Academic writing, 7.5 p, Linnaeus University
Kroki 2, 7.5 p, Umeå University
Creative writing, 7.5 p, Linnaeus University
Student in painting with Per Morten Karlsen, Asker
Photography and Photoshop, Kyrkeruds Folkhögskola, Årjäng
Artist Residencies
Burning Athens


Artists' meeting, Gallery Zink, Lillehammer
Let's melt, HYLE(matter), Athens
Gallery Andersson/Sandström, Stockholm
The Bildmuseet, Umeå
Lights - High Coast Art Festival, Örnsköldsvik
The drawing room, Umeå
Garlic and Sapphires in the mud, Umeå
Kristinehamn Art Museum
Tonight is the night, Umeå
IRL Browsing, Umeå
People's House, Umeå
Växjö Art Gallery
Norrland University Hospital
Umeå Academy of Arts
Black Cube, Umeå Academy of Arts
Kristinehamn Art Museum
Art epidemic, Gothenburg
Gallery Rotor 2, Gothenburg
Valand Academy, Gothenburg
Konstrundan in Karlstad
The Rackstad Museum
Gallery Rotor, Gothenburg
Gallery Entrance, Akademin Valand, Gothenburg
A-Venue, Gothenburg
Vårsalong, Åmål Art Hall
Värmland Museum
GOLD- Performance in collaboration with Frans Jacobi, Bergen
PrøveRommet, Bergen Public Library
The Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen
Arvika art gallery
Gallery Neuf, Oslo


Konstnärsnämnden and Iaspis contribution to international cultural exchange in 2019
Umeå University of the Arts' graduation scholarship, 2019
Pingel's scholarship for young artists, Värmland Art Association 2018
Work grant for cultural workers, Karlstad Municipality 2017
Project support for artists, Karlstad Municipality 2017
Karlstad Municipality's Youth Culture Scholarship, 2010


Our Farms
Värmland County Council


Finalist for the Kirunastpendiet 2020