Collection: Eva Larsson

Eva Larsson, an artist with a deep understanding of form and color, has always been fascinated by the possibilities of conveying stories through visual expression. Through sculptural work in clay and bronze, she explores the direct and sometimes unconscious influence of these expressions on people.

Eva strives to share her works in various exhibition contexts, where she creates large-scale installations to give the viewer an immersive experience. In addition to Sweden, her art has reached international places such as Japan, France and Norway.

After completing a post master's course at Konstfack, where the focus was on art in the public space, Eva has also participated in projects that explore the role of art in public environments. Her artistic exploration stretches across borders and offers the viewer an opportunity to reflect on the power of art in different contexts.


Going Public XL, Konstfack, University collage of art and design, Stockholm
Konstfack BI, University collage of art and design, Stockholm
Uterm, Glas Fusing, Kolmården, Sweden


Gallery Mats Bergman, Karlstad
Kaleido, Uppsala
Kaolin, Stockholm
Hälsingland Museum
Gallery Mats Bergman, Stockholm
Gallery Blå Kulan, Mörbylånga
Gallery Astley, Uttersberg
Gallery Södra Hamnen 31, Skärhamn
Edsvik Art Gallery, Sollentuna
Gallery Jeanette Ölund, Borås
Gallery Sacré Coeur, Stockholm


The Norwegian Arts Council
Borås Art Museum
Uppsala Municipality
Uppsala County Council
Stockholm County Council
Södermanland County Council