Collection: AnnaMaria Rogberg

AnnaMaria Rogberg lives in Huddinge and is a professional artist who works with oil paintings. She takes her motifs from everyday life and thrives on highlighting the beauty in the simple.

Her art is inspired by the summer and the lively family life led by her three daughters. AnnaMaria strives to awaken the viewer's own memories and associations, especially focused on the bright moments in life.

AnnaMaria has always had a love for painting and has exhibited her art for over 25 years. Her artistry is a continuous exploration of the beautiful in everyday life and a desire to share bright and positive experiences with viewers.


University of Social Sciences

University of Stockholm

Art School Basis, Stockholm

Decorative painting training, Stockholm

Marbling, wood graining, illusion painting, etc

Qualified vocational training in decorative painting,

Folkuniversitetet Stockholm

Decorative painting, attribute making, etc

Internship at, among others, the studios of Drama, Opera and Stadsteatern.


Kistamässan, the artists' autumn salon
Edsvik Art Gallery Autumn Salon
Överby farm's autumn salon
Väsby Art Gallery's jury judges
Gallery 20 (art-on gallery No 84), Gothenburg
Stockholm Art Salon, Solna
Gallery Movitz, Stockholm
The old power station, Deje
Örby Gård, Sollentuna
The art fair in Stockholm, Nacka Strand
Stockholm Art Salon, Bergrummet
Gallery Ztrand, Halmstad, June-August
Stockholm Art Salon, Sickla
Edsvik Art Fair
Nordic Arts Summer Salon