Collection: Finnermann

Finn Finnermann was born in Nykøbing Falster in 1962 under the name Finn Arnesen - he has since then taken stage name Finnermann. He has been fascinated by that painting since he was a child - it was, however only as an adult that he seriously devoted himself to his art of painting and dropped off his full-time job as financial manager for to take the leap as self-taught full time artist , and since 2015 he has made a living from his art . Alongside his own artwork , he also has ran his own art school .

Finnermann Art

Finnermann is inspired by the Cobra artists - his paintings is not preconceived , they are spontaneous and painted in strong colors and contrasts with mythical animals and lots of imagination in the motifs . Finnermann's work characterized by his expressive and abstract style – despite the expressive style, there is always unclear areas in the paintings that give space to the viewer's imagination. Thanks to his contrasts and strong colours , Finnermann's work has a violent dynamic that makes the pictures alive . His pictures can Often can be recognized by his black line and drawing in the works . Finnermann works a lot with spatulas , fingers and happens when he creates theirs paintings , after which the black line contributes to contrast and depth in the paintings .

Finn Finnermann has exhibited his works at art fairs in both Denmark and Germany.